“A special mix of electro-jazz and heavy guitar-rock. (…) Interesting and challengingly cross-over (…) sweaty, energetic, sometimes risky and demanding cross-over (…) - unequalled in Danish music”


-GAFFA, Ivan Rod




“The band unfold their potential to a bursting point in a music with roots in free jazz mixed with the cutting edge and nerve in jazz-rock. (…) A serious development of Miles Davis’ electric experiments in the 70s”


-Jazz Special, Brian Petro




“A successful psych-prog-free-avantgarde-rock lead unequalled to anything in Danish music. (…) ELEkTRO’s Vol. 2 deserves an ear if you’re not afraid of dirty heavy psychedelic rock and crackling experimenting jazz”, Niels Overgård



”Bubble over with energy and creative urge”


-Fyens Stiftstidende, Martin Seymour





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